preventing crafting cat-astrophe

I love our cats. They are loving, cuddly, and always entertaining, but it is a constant battle trying to work on anything with them in the same room (in fact I am getting inched off my chair as I write this).

"Oh I'm sorry.. were you working here?"

“Oh I’m sorry.. were you working here?”

I’m always working on some project or scrapbooking and especially now as keep adding more and more DIY wedding projects to our list, it has gotten super frustrating not having a space that is kitty free. So I started to look for some ideas for a craft space that would fit somewhere in our house that is already at max capacity. I found so many ideas I absolutely loved but only one made the most sense:

a craft closet!

I mean how perfect?! I saw this and immediately knew that this was the answer to all of my prayers. We could add-on an entire “room” to the house that is all mine and that I can completely close off from the cats. Somewhere along the way I had also gotten it into my head that I was going to turn this into my one “girly” space in the house- my own personal oasis. Luckily, my fiancé was totally on board with this otherwise that could have been a big snag but from there it was all in the details. We first had to clean out and organize the closet that previously being used but then headed out to Ikea for some budget-friendly shelving and a desk (which we had to measure perfectly to fit in the closet) and from there I set out to design a cheap, girly, functional craft closet! Here was my design board:

closet design inspiration board

closet design inspiration board

Top row: left and center images via The Fab Guide; right image via Better Homes and Gardens

2nd row: left via Chic Little House; center via Deco Love; right via Glitter Guide

And drum roll please…. here is our design all for under $100 with enough storage for all of our stuff and just enough pretty 🙂

What do you think?


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